Why Quality is More Important than Price When Hiring Escorts

A lot of guys in Bratislava are cheap when it comes to hiring escorts. When searching for a girl, the very first thing they pay attention to (besides the looks of the girl), is the price. This is certainly understandable, as price is important, and no one wants to pay more than they have to. Some girls also upsell, which is always annoying. However, quality is always more important than price, and quality escorts will often charge rates which are higher than the norm.

There are a number of reasons some girls will have higher prices. Women who are unusually beautiful will often have higher rates, as well as women who maintain high levels of physical fitness. Maintaining a great body, especially as a woman gets older, requires a lot of work, and this should be factored into the rate she charges. Escorts will also charge higher rates when they are willing to perform acts which are beyond normal sex, such as deep throating, anal, S&M or full service uncovered. My general rule of thumb regarding these ladies is that if they do more, they should get paid more, and if they do less they should get paid less.

It’s important to know the difference between an escort who overcharges her clients, and one that charges a fair price, even if it’s higher than the norm. For example, an escort who does the bear minimum, even if she is very attractive, should be paid the going rate. If she tries to charge you double or triple, then she is ripping you off, because she isn’t offering anything beyond what her competitors do. However, if a girl has a rare talent, such as being a contortionist, or she is an adult model or actress, it is fair for her to charge a rate which is higher than the norm. As a hobbyist, your goal regarding escorts should always be to hire the best you can afford.

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