Why Escorts in Bratislava Fulfill an Important Need

It has been called “the world’s oldest profession,” and regardless of how true this is, the fact is, escorts (the polite name for prostitute) have existed in almost every culture since the dawn of human civilization. But the big question is why? Some say that these ladies are high in demand because they provide “no strings attached”sex. Well, let me say that there is no such thing as “no strings attached” sex. If a woman opens her legs for a man, somehow, someway, that man had to earn it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. What makes escorts unique though is that they charge a specific fee in order to have sex with you. This fee will usually be by the hour, but some charge by the day, week or even month.

Rather than saying that escorts provide no strings attached sex (since the payment is the string), it is better to say that escorts provide “hassle free” sex. With normal women who are not prostitutes, a man often has to jump through all sorts of loops to get laid. The reason for this is because of evolutionary biology. When a woman has sex, it increases her chances of producing a child, which is a major responsibility. Women want to be sure the man they have a child with is capable of protecting and providing for them and the child. Therefore, women aren’t in a rush to just open their legs for any man, because when they become pregnant they will need to carry the baby for 9 months.

So with normal women you have these elaborate courtship rituals which must precede sex. A man may have to wait weeks or months, get to know her, take her on dates, meet her family, so on and so forth. Other women (these types are becoming increasingly rare), won’t have sex unless you marry them. Therefore, escorts will always be in demand because the only thing they require is a fee and good hygiene.

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