Web Cam Girls versus Strippers and Escorts

Men who are looking for adult entertainment have numerous options available, with the three most popular being webcam girls, strippers and escorts. But how do these services differ from one another, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Web Cam Girls

A web cam girl or model is a woman that performs and streams various erotic acts via her webcam broadcast which is live. These acts can range from masturbation to stripping or sexual performances with a partner. However, the difference between a webcam girl and stripper or escort is that webcam girls work solely over the web, and rarely meet their clients in person.

As such, the web cam business is considered “safer” than escorting or stripping since there is no risk of the client physically harming the girl. Webcam girls became popular starting in the mid-1990s with the rise of the internet, and over the last 25 years has become one of the most profitable and popular forms of adult entertainment.


A stripper is a woman who “strips” or removes her clothes while giving a lap dance to her client. They are usually employed by strip clubs and differ from web cam girls in that the female will make physical contact with the patron, who will usually be in a seated position. During the lap dance, the stripper may be dressed, topless or completely naked, depending on jurisdictional laws, and will grind her hips and derriere into the crotch of the client while twerking and caressing him. However, the majority of strippers and strip clubs do not allow any form of penetrative sexual contact, and although most strip clubs hire bouncers or security guards to remove unruly clients, the close contact with the girls means they are at greater physical risk than web cam girls.


An escort is a woman that provides “full service” to her clients which includes penetrative sex. She can double as a stripper, but not the other way around, at least not officially. Escorts meet with clients in the privacy of their home, a hotel or brothel, and allow far greater interaction than strippers or webcam girls. The laws regarding escorts vary from one jurisdiction to another, but they exist in every country on earth and are considered the world’s oldest profession. Some escorts may go into pornography to earn extra income, and some porn stars moonlight as escorts to pleasure their fans in person and earn extra money outside the adult film business.

How Do These Services Compare?

Between the three services, escorts usually earn the most per hour because they are taking the greatest risk by meeting their clients in person and providing penetrative sexual contact, which puts them at risk of contracting STDs or being physically assaulted. While most web cam girls don’t earn as much per hour as escorts (with a few exceptions), their profession is the safest since they do not have to meet with clients in person or perform penetrative sex. Strippers fall somewhere in between. While they do physically interact with their clients, this interaction is limited. Some men disdain both webcam girls and strippers because they merely charge their clients for “teases,” while refusing to give them full service, while escorts are preferred because they provide the highest level of sensual interaction and true fulfillment. If you like being teased, webcam girls and strippers are for you, while men that want the full menu should definitely hire an escort.


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