Using Massages to Prepare for Pleasure

Life can be stressful, and sex with an escort can be one of the best ways to relieve it. This is particularly true when a couple begins with a nice, warm and soothing massage. There are a number of ladies in Bratislava and Prague that have talented hands, and receiving a massage from them will increase your desire and bodily senses. A massage, when done before sex, is similar to an appetizer and how it precedes a main course meal. When receiving a massage, you will want to use water based lubrication, lotions or massage oil, as these are best suited for the task. However, some oils may cause condoms to break, so always keep this in mind.

When an escort massages your back, instruct her to pay special attention to your rear end. Applying pressure to the buttocks will stimulate your genitals indirectly, especially when you press their pelvic region gently yet firmly into the mattress. You can also run your fingers between their thighs briefly to determine how aroused they are. Foreplay is important for sex, and many escorts don’t give it enough attention. A massage is one of the most basic forms of foreplay and should last at least twenty minutes.

Should you give the escort a massage, flip her over and focus on her breasts. Over eighty percent of women have said that playing with and massaging their breasts and nipples causes’ arousal, yet many men fail to pay attention to this area. Don’t be one of them. When you are on the receiving end of a massage, just relax and let go of any worries you have. Don’t be afraid to let her know what you like.

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