Sex Position – The Ramp

This is a “man on top” position. However, it differs from traditional missionary in a number of ways. First, the man will use both his hands to lift the hips of his partner slightly off the bed. This will elevate her ass in the air, putting it closer to the penis and making it easier to enter. Also, unlike traditional missionary, the Slovak girl will not wrap her legs around him, and will instead raise her feet, bend her knees, and place her feet along the side of his chest, next to his rib cage.

When it’s time to enter her, the client should be careful, especially if doing so anally, as her sphincter muscles may have constricted. If she seems too tight, try slow penetration with your fingers in order to get her to relax, before trying to enter with your penis. When she is ready, have her lay on her back with a pillow beneath her head. Use your hands to lift up her hips slightly. Rather than get between her legs, stay just outside them and keep them to the side of your chest. By now, her vulva and anus should be pointing towards his navel. This is a good time for women to play with their vulva and clitoris.

Now you can penetrate her anus from this position. Both the client and his escort have a degree of control and can make use of small rocking motions which allow for deep, slow or fast strokes. The rectum is tight enough to make a man ejaculate, and due to the nerve endings there, many women can orgasm from anal penetration alone. However, for additional stimulation, a man can also insert his fingers into a woman’s vagina in this position. When woman orgasms from anal sex, her anus will become even tighter, this may also result in the male’s orgasm and ejaculation.

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