Sex Position – The Fireman’s Pole

There are some positions which are better for anal sex than others. The anus is tighter than the vagina and can be difficult to penetrate unless a man has a very hard erection. In order for the female escort to relax, she must feel like she is in control. The Fireman’s pole is an ideal position for couples because it positions her rectum in a way that allows her to take in his cock, while she places her hands in his for support.

This is a “woman on top” position that will allow her to control both the speed and depth of penetration. If she feels uncomfortable, she can get off at any time. This position is great for men who are anal sex amateurs because they don’t have to worry about the awkward task of trying to place their cock inside her ass, a task which can be challenging, and can ultimately lead to erection loss if they are unable to penetrate her ass with ease. This position also allows for eye contact between the couple.

To get into this position, the man will first need to lie down on his back, with his head resting on a pillow. To make sure you’re hard, stroke yourself and masturbate as she begins to get on top of you. The woman will need to straddle his hips, and should be facing him. Both her feet should rest flatly on the side of his hips. Now she should place her hands in his for support. From this position, ease yourself down onto his cock. His penis should easily penetrate the first sphincter, but may have difficulty with the second. If this is the case, just take a deep breath, exhale and push out through your rectum. During this position the man should remain stationary unless the woman tells him he can thrust upward. It is important to be patient in this position. There shouldn’t be any pain at all. This position is different from standard cowgirl because the woman’s knees will be raised, her feet will be at the side of his hips, and she will “squat” down onto his cock rather than sit.

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