Sex Position – Shake it Up

This is a sex position that involves the use of a vibrator. We recommend shopping at adult stores in Prague or Bratislava for these devices rather than buying them online, as doing so allows you to hold and touch the toys to get a feel for them. Shake it up is an excellent sex position for female escorts because it gives them the sensation of being stimulated by two phallic objects simultaneously, which are the dick and the vibrator.

To get into this position, the man must sit down in a chair, couch or similar surface. Then, the woman must sit down on his lap, reverse cowgirl style, and lean back against him. Once she has done this, she must next lower her pussy down onto his cock. Next, you will want to activate the vibrator (which you should be holding as you enter this position), then turn it on and place it on your clitoris.

Now the escort and her client will need to relax. Allow the vibrations of the toy to flow through her pussy and onto this penis. Adventurous couples can also try an “anal” variation of this position where the woman sits down on his cock, inserting it into her ass rather than her vagina, and then inserting the vibrator into her vagina, allowing for double penetration. This position provides great pleasure for both partners, so much so that the man may cum too quickly, so be careful. This position is excellent for the woman because it gives her all the advantages of double penetration without the need for two men, and this position is great for the man because it requires very little strength, energy or stamina.

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