Setting the Stage for Anal Sex

Anal sex has always been a controversial subject, and is difficult to bring up in a typical relationship. Many wives and girlfriends refuse to do it, which is why some of their husbands and boyfriends choose to hire escorts. To enjoy great anal sex, there are five ingredients you will need, and these are trust, communication, timing, breathing, and lubrication. Combining all these ingredients into your session will ensure it’s a memorable one. The most important thing, for both the escort and her client, is to relax.

While an enema isn’t mandatory for anal sex, having it will ensure you’re squeaky clean. Some escorts have them, and some don’t. If you want her to have an enema, its best to notify her of this in advance. Also, I’ve talked to a lot of guys that believe that anal sex, even with a woman, is a sign that you may be gay. First off, let me say that this is not true at all. Wanting to fuck a woman in the ass is the most masculine thing a man can do, and in fact can be seen as the ultimate form of domination. At the end of the day, women are designed to be penetrated sexually, and her anus provides another orifice for your (and her) pleasure.

Anal sex should start off with a massage that allows both partners to relax. Anal sex differs from vaginal sex in that the anus can be difficult to enter. The woman needs to be relaxed and the man must have a very hard erection. While a man can be semi-erect and still enter a woman’s vagina, doing the same with the anus can be more difficult unless she is gaping. Additionally, some escorts are able to perform anal sex with no lube at all, but overall, I highly recommend lube, and the best for anal sex is coconut oil, as it has a tropical aroma, is solid at room temperature, and is all natural.

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