Setting the Stage for a Spectacular Escort Session

When many men in Bratislava hire escorts, few bother to pay attention to their surroundings, or the setting in which they intend to have sex. The same is true of many providers. Have you ever been to an incall where the room was disorganized, with clothes and other objects laying all over the floor? Have you ever been to an incall that had cigarette smoke, the smell of pets, or where the neighbors were loud? If you have, you know how difficult it is to enjoy sex in such an environment.

Great sex requires cleanliness, and this goes for one’s body as well as their surroundings. If you are an escort, and a client has scheduled an incall appointment with you today, your residence should be pristine. No clothes or other objects should be on the floor. Not only is it unsightly, it can cause one of you to trip, fall and hurt yourself. If you have pets, they should be placed outside, and the smells which accompany them (urine and feces), should not be present. If you have a dog that likes to bark a lot, find a way to keep it quiet, as it will irritate both your clients and your neighbors.

The best sex happens on a nice, cozy mattress. Avoid having sex on water beds or any other surface which is unstable. Lighting is also important, and for escort sessions, the best lighting is soft. Lamps or candles are best, and if you choose to use candles, be sure they are unscented. LED candles work nicely. Another way to spice up your escort sessions is to bring mirrors into the room. Mirrors will show you things that your normal vision will not.

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