How to Make European Escorts Squirt

One of the most mysterious and hotly debated sexual phenomenons is female ejaculation, which is also known as squirting. Until recently, some believed it to be a myth, since the majority of women seem to be incapable of doing it, and the feats displayed in pornographic films have been considered by some to be mere trick photography or special effects. But a growing body of scientific research suggests that indeed, there are some women who can naturally expel fluid from their vagina during sex, but how?

The Skene’s Gland

Within women, the Skene’s gland can be found near the urethra. Questionnaires indicate that between thirty-five and fifty percent of women have experienced gushing fluid during orgasm. It is important to note that this fluid is not considered urine by many experts and is seen as a separate phenomenon from peeing. The fluid expelled by women during orgasm seems to contain substances such as prostatic acid phosphatase, glucose, creatinine, and others.

How to make it Happen?

Contrary to popular belief, just about any woman with a vulva can squirt. The reason so many ladies seem incapable of doing it is because they have weak pelvic floor muscles and don’t understand their own vaginas. The first step in making it happen is to find and stimulate her G-spot, though there are other techniques.

The G-spot is similar to the prostate found in males and may be manually stimulated by penis, finger, or a sex toy. Once the G-spot becomes engorged, it will remain that way for a time, which is a plus since internal muscular manipulation will give the woman better control than manual stimulation.

One method of making a woman squirt is to have her lay down on her back with her legs spread open, then take your middle finger and gently insert it into the vagina with your palms turned upward. Then use your middle finger, while inserted, to stroke her inside with a “come here” motion and use lots of upward pressure. Keep doing this from twenty to thirty minutes and you can also do other things such as rubbing or licking her clit.

Because women can differ greatly when it comes to the exact method used to make them squirt, the technique above may not work. Therefore, if you plan on hiring a European escort, and want to experience this phenomenon for yourself, it is probably a good idea to find a provider that is already familiar with her body and who knows how to do it, that way she can guide you along the right path.


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