How to Hire Slovak Escorts Discreetly

Many of the gentlemen who hire escorts in Bratislava want to do so with discretion. Some are married, while others are in professions where exposure of their activities could compromise or humiliate them. For these men, specific measures must be taken to ensure that they are able to enjoy some of this city’s most beautiful escorts, while remaining discrete. A number of individuals, often government officials, have had their careers ruined because they’ve been exposed for having relationships with escorts.

First, if you are a prominent man, who regularly gets attention from the media, you should never allow yourself to be seen in the same public place as the escort you hire. This means the two of you should never dine together in a restaurant, visit a theater together, or any other public location. If you do, photographers will eventually snap photos of the two of you, which will be used against you later. Never allow an escort to take photos of you with her cell phone or any other device.  If you are in politics, or considering entering at some point, never film a sex tape with an escort. Obviously, meeting her at your actual residence is out of the question, so you should arrange to meet the escort for an incall at her place.

The danger of this of course is that if the call girl is unscrupulous, she could have cameras hidden at her residence, which she can later use to blackmail you. This is why I recommend choosing an outcall location that is not your primary residence, that way you ensure no devices are hidden on sight. Be sure this outcall location is in an area of town you do not frequent or another city entirely. When contacting an escort, you should never use the same cell phone or email address that you use to communicate with your wife or family. Many men have been caught by their wives because of this. Use a prepaid cell phone instead with a totally different number, and consider destroying it after use.

After enjoying a session with an escort, her scent will be all over you. If you have a wife or girlfriend, be aware that women have a good sense of smell and can easily detect the scent of another female on you. So, be sure to shower thoroughly after your session to ensure her scent is washed off. When leaving the sight of the outcall to return home, the escort and her client should never leave the building at the same time. One should leave first, with the other leaving separately ten to fifteen minutes later.

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