Food that Enhances Your Libido

Many men think that they need things like Viagra or Cialis in order to give them a raging libido and hard on. However, Mother Nature has produced a number of wonderful foods that can do the same thing……with no side effects. If you plan to hire a call girl in Bratislava, particularly for an extended session, the following foods will ensure your libido is at maximum overdrive:

Black Raspberries – The seeds and berries will put your mind in the mood. Additionally, it contains phytochemicals which will increase your sexual endurance. A few hours before you book an escort in Slovakia, eat about ten of these bad boys; the results will speak for themselves.

Broccoli РThis Mediterranean vegetable will provide a boost in the bedroom, whether it is cooked, eaten raw, or saut̩ed. Researchers believe it is due to the high vitamin C count. Vitamin C is important because it allows for blood circulation and can also enhance the libido of women.

Figs – It is said that figs are so powerful, that when consumed one will have the sex drive of a teenager. They are excellent stimulants for fertility and allow for the secretion of various pheromones. The next time you want an escort girl in Prague, eat five figs before she arrives.

Watermelon – Though watermelons are over 90 percent water, the other 8 percent of this gigantic fruit is jam packed with killer nutrients that will provide Viagra like effects on the body. One of these ingredients, called citrulline, which the human body transforms into arginine, is an amino acid responsible for increasing nitric oxide levels, which will calm the blood vessels the same way Viagra does.

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