Enjoying Creampies with European Escorts

Creampies, which are also known as internal ejaculations, are sex acts that are sometimes depicted in hardcore pornographic films. It consists of the male partner penetrating the anus or vagina of the woman while not using a condom, and then ejaculating (finishing) inside her, where the semen can then be seen dripping or seeping out of her orifice.

History of Creampies in Pornographic Film

Historically speaking, creampies are a relatively new phenomenon in the adult film industry, as vintage porno films almost never depict them. Instead the male talent would usually ejaculate in the face/mouth, body or chest, which is referred to as being a pearl necklace. Starting in the 2000s, the industry begin to change, with creampies appearing more frequently in xxx films, and this is especially true of the 2010s and afterwards.

Internal ejaculations have become more popular among viewers of adult films because they are natural and more realistic. Furthermore, it creates far greater intimacy between sex partners than ejaculations on the face or body. Because the adult film industry is closely connected to the escort business with many pornstars moonlighting as escorts on the side, many of their clients want the same experience that they see in the films, which is sex without condoms where the client can finish inside any orifice he chooses. In the escort business, this particular service is referred to as PSE (pornstar experience) or SWC (sex without condom).

While the majority of European escorts still insist on condom usage for vaginal or anal penetration (due to the fears of catching an STI), there is a huge demand for uncovered service and creampies, so much so that ladies who offer it can charge double or even triple their normal rate. To minimize the risk of contracting an STI, many of the escorts who allow creampies require their clients to be tested beforehand.

Differences between Vaginal and Anal Creampies

The obvious difference between a vaginal and anal creampie is that vaginal creampies greatly increase the possibility of getting a woman pregnant. This is why it is important for escorts who perform vaginal creampies with their clients to take birth control pills before or after the meeting. Anal sex is a natural contraceptive since there is no risk of a woman becoming pregnant from anal creampies, which is precisely why many escorts prefer it over vaginal creampies. Also, men that are capable of ejaculating multiple times can ejaculate in one orifice, then immediately switch to the other and continue thrusting in it until they ejaculate a second time. However, when doing this, it is best to go from vagina to anus rather than the other way for hygiene reasons.

The anus is also tighter than the vagina in most cases, and because many women are unable to orgasm from vaginal sex alone, penetrating her anus may give her a powerful orgasm that is otherwise very difficult to achieve. However, the anus does not naturally lubricate itself like the vagina, so it is incredibly important to use lube prior to penetration, and lots of it.  


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