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This sex position is appropriately named because when a man and woman are in it, they resemble the numbers six and nine on top of each other. To get into this position, a woman will sit on top of a man facing away from him, with her pussy near his mouth, while she will bend over and suck his cock which will be beneath her face. The idea behind this position is that it allows a couple to pleasure each other orally at the same time. In addition to having easy access to her pussy, it gives you a great view of her hips, ass, pussy and thighs.

In addition to slipping a finger or tongue into the vagina from this position and the man can also lick or finger fuck the anus. In some variations of 69, the man gets on top and the woman gets on the bottom, and he faces away from her and inserts his penis down into her mouth while leaning downward and licking her vagina. The advantage of this variation is that it allows the penis to be inserted deeper than the “standard” 69 position.

Another variation of 69 is referred to as the “sidewinder.” It is a lazier variation that involves the couple lying on their side. You bend the leg that is closest to the ceiling and place the foot behind the knee of your straightened leg. It can be complicated for beginners, but with practice it is easy to perform.

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