Playing With Her Tits

Tits, breasts, knockers, whatever you call them, they are one of the most important (and underutilized) area of a woman’s body. If a Slovak escort has smaller breasts, they will fit in your mouth easier, while larger ones are fun to play with. Research indicates that smaller cup sizes such as A or B are typically the most sensitive, while larger breasts are less so. While many men assume that the nipples are the most sensitive area, in truth this is actually the top of the breasts.

The perkiness of a woman’s breasts will change over the course of her life. When you hire an escort for GFE in Europe, be sure to tell her how lovely her tits are. Research confirms that women become highly aroused when their breasts are played with and given attention. Kiss them, touch them, grope them, and don’t forget to put your cock between them! When a woman becomes aroused, her breasts will grow larger.

Don’t be afraid to grab a handful of her breasts, but be sure to do it gently! Never pull her breasts downward, and this will cause pain. Pushing them upward on the other hand is good. Try massaging her breasts, and don’t pay so much attention to the nipple. Instead, focus on the bottom of the tits, the sides and the top. Throw in some massage oil to really heat things up.

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Using Massages to Prepare for Pleasure

Life can be stressful, and sex with an escort can be one of the best ways to relieve it. This is particularly true when a couple begins with a nice, warm and soothing massage. There are a number of ladies in Bratislava and Prague that have talented hands, and receiving a massage from them will increase your desire and bodily senses. A massage, when done before sex, is similar to an appetizer and how it precedes a main course meal. When receiving a massage, you will want to use water based lubrication, lotions or massage oil, as these are best suited for the task. However, some oils may cause condoms to break, so always keep this in mind.

When an escort massages your back, instruct her to pay special attention to your rear end. Applying pressure to the buttocks will stimulate your genitals indirectly, especially when you press their pelvic region gently yet firmly into the mattress. You can also run your fingers between their thighs briefly to determine how aroused they are. Foreplay is important for sex, and many escorts don’t give it enough attention. A massage is one of the most basic forms of foreplay and should last at least twenty minutes.

Should you give the escort a massage, flip her over and focus on her breasts. Over eighty percent of women have said that playing with and massaging their breasts and nipples causes’ arousal, yet many men fail to pay attention to this area. Don’t be one of them. When you are on the receiving end of a massage, just relax and let go of any worries you have. Don’t be afraid to let her know what you like.

Sharing Your Fetishes and Fantasies

Sharing Your Fetishes and Fantasies

The best thing about the adult entertainment business in Slovakia is that it allows you to explore your sexuality, to indulge in things that might not otherwise be permissible. Men can indulge in activities with escorts that their wives might refuse to do, or things that they might not want their wives to know about. If a man desires to be tied up, to perform S&M or things of this nature, there is always a companion in the area who will be happy to cater to his needs.

However, it is important to create an environment of trust. This is why I’m an advocate of finding that one special provider who really turns you on, and then stick with her. Some men refer to these women as their all-time favorites, while others refer to them as being paramours or mistresses. Regardless of what you call them you should be able to confide in them sexually and explore things with them that might otherwise be forbidden.

A lot of escorts you meet you will not click with. The sex will typically be average, neither good nor bad. But every now and then you meet that special woman, who seems to know all your pleasure points instinctively, where to touch you and how. It is this type of woman that you should feel free to share your fantasies.

Enjoying 69 with Blonde Babes in Slovakia

This sex position is appropriately named because when a man and woman are in it, they resemble the numbers six and nine on top of each other. To get into this position, a woman will sit on top of a man facing away from him, with her pussy near his mouth, while she will bend over and suck his cock which will be beneath her face. The idea behind this position is that it allows a couple to pleasure each other orally at the same time. In addition to having easy access to her pussy, it gives you a great view of her hips, ass, pussy and thighs.

In addition to slipping a finger or tongue into the vagina from this position and the man can also lick or finger fuck the anus. In some variations of 69, the man gets on top and the woman gets on the bottom, and he faces away from her and inserts his penis down into her mouth while leaning downward and licking her vagina. The advantage of this variation is that it allows the penis to be inserted deeper than the “standard” 69 position.

Another variation of 69 is referred to as the “sidewinder.” It is a lazier variation that involves the couple lying on their side. You bend the leg that is closest to the ceiling and place the foot behind the knee of your straightened leg. It can be complicated for beginners, but with practice it is easy to perform.

Experimenting with Strap Ons

Many of the ladies and gentlemen in Slovakia and the Czech Republic who hire escorts are wealthy and influential. As such, they are looking for something a bit more than the standard, run-of-the-mill sex that most escorts provide. One area of interest is the usage of strap-ons. A strap-one will typically be comprised of a harness that has a dildo attached. When searching for the right harness, it is important to ask for a dildo that will fit properly with it. Some harness models will also come with a vibrator that will allow the person wearing it to receive pleasurable vibrations.

Strap-ons are diverse and can be used by couples of either gender. Some are large while others are medium in size. It is best to select models which are waterproof, and which have adjustable sizes. Before using a strap on, or any other sex toy, it is important to make sure you’ve been tested for STDs. Sex toys can carry bacteria and other harmful organisms, and to lower the risk of anything undesirable being transmitted, it is crucial to make sure they are cleaned both before and after the session.

When hiring a Slovak escort for the first time, it is best to bring a brand new sex toy. Better yet, the two of you should go shopping for one together. After the session is over you may want to consider throwing it away, because due to the nature of this hobby, it would be unwise to use the same toy with multiple partners even if you regularly clean it.

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Having Great Sex with Red Heads

Hiring escorts is an expensive hobby, and it is important to be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Unfortunately, most men aren’t. They pay for girls that show up, do the bear minimum, and then leave, if they’re lucky. If they’re unlucky, the girl shows up, tries to pull a bait and switch, or causes other problems. What is it that separates hobbyists who get great sex from those who get sex which is mediocre? There are a number of answers.

Men who get great sex from escorts understand the difference between hookers and sluts. Hookers just want to make money; sluts actually enjoy sex and the payment is just a bonus. Sluts will give you great sex, with hookers it will be average at best. Hookers like to rush, sluts will take their time. Wise hobbyists do research and ask questions before hiring a provider; novices call up the first girl they see on an online ad. Before hiring a red head, you first need to make sure the two of you are sexually compatible. If you like anal, and she doesn’t, then you shouldn’t hire her. If you like CIM (cum in mouth), and she does as well, now the two of you have something in common.

Guys who get good sex from escorts are also great communicators. They know what they want and don’t want, and they won’t allow themselves to settle for anything less. They are also open minded, willing to try new things, and not cheap. While you don’t want to overpay, the more you pay a lady, the more she will do. The funds required for this hobby are too steep to settle for anything less than the absolute best, so don’t.

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An Introduction to the Vagina and Vulva

In order to truly enjoy Slovak and Czech female escorts, you must understand their genitals and how they function. Once you understand this, pleasuring them properly will become a lot easier. Many men see the vagina or pussy as being little more than a hole and it is. But it’s so much more than that. It is first important to remember that the vagina and vulva are not the same thing. The vagina is actually an internal organ which connects her outside sex organs to those which are internal. Her internal sex organs are the uterus and cervix. The vagina is a tunnel which typically ranges from four to five inches in length. The vagina has moist walls which are soft and warm, and the walls contain a mucous lining.

The vulva refers to a woman’s external sex organs. This includes her clitoris, the labia, the vaginal opening and the clitoral hood. The vulva also consists of the Bartholin’s gland, which will produce a bit of lubrication when a woman is sexually aroused. Because many women have never actually seen their vulvas, they have misconceptions regarding it. Vulvas are like fingerprints; each is unique. Not only do they look different, but they also have a different scent and taste which varies from woman to woman.

The labia are the outer and inner lips of the vagina. Despite what we’ve been led to believe by the mainstream media, vaginal pubic hair is not gross and serves an important function. It captures a woman’s scent, which enhances her pheromones. Pheromones are simply sex signals which are sent out to attract partners. There is no need for women to trim their pubic hair for hygiene reasons, and some men are actually turned on by its presence.

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Sex Position One – Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation has been the subject of a great deal of controversy for decades, but recent research has confirmed what we already knew instinctively, that masturbation is important for self-discovery. When a man or woman masturbates, they learn about their body, what turns them on and what doesn’t. It is impossible for an escort in Bratislava to truly pleasure you if you are not even aware of your own body, and this is what masturbation will teach you. Once you communicate with your partner, and understand what turns them on, this lays the foundation for great sex.

During mutual masturbation, with the first position you will lie close to your partner, with your bodies touching. Next you will want to watch your partner masturbating. Note where they touch themselves, and how. Do they touch two areas of their body, or several? How does she touch her clit? Does she use a single finger, or three? Does she move her hand around her clit in a circular motion? How does he jerk himself off? How are his thumbs placed? You want to learn what areas are the most exciting. During phase one the man can watch the woman masturbating. In phase two she will watch him.

During position three, the man and woman will take the knowledge they acquired in positions one and two, and will masturbate each other at the same time. During this phase it’s okay to communicate and ask each other questions, such as do you like this spot? Or do you prefer it here? The first and second phase is the most important because they give you the knowledge to have a great climax during the final phase. Mutual masturbation should last from twenty to thirty minutes so when booking an escort in Slovakia be sure that the session is a minimum of 90 minutes, or preferably two hours. The longer the session, the better.

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Mastering the Blow job

I can tell you from firsthand experience that few women know how to give a great blow job, and this includes many escorts in Bratislava and Prague. Most do little more than stick your penis in their mouths and suck on it, and some are so inept that you can actually feel their teeth. During a great blow job, only her tongue and lips will be felt, and you will struggle not to cum too fast. Skilled escorts understand that great blow jobs are all about patience and anticipation. However, sometimes you may find yourself with an escort who is not skilled, but, she is willing to learn how to pleasure you. Now you must teach her.

The next time you hire a provider in Europe, start off the session by having her play with and suck on your nipples. Have her pinch them a little. Have her get down on her knees on the floor in front of you, and have her lean forward while placing her hands beneath your thighs. Have her massage your feet, or even stick your toe in her mouth. What you want her to do is build the “anticipation” of the blow job within both your body and mind. This is what separates skilled escorts from those who never will be.

The feet are important pleasure centers when it comes to sex, because playing with them stimulates an area of the brain that is close to your sexual relay area. As she sucks on your toes or kisses your feet, instruct her to run her tongue up your calf and thigh, kissing your ankle and the area behind the knee. When she begins sucking on your cock, instruct her to look up at you, and to lick your perineum (the area between your scrotum and anus, which contains many nerve endings). If she has a problem with any of your requests, hire another provider. Getting a great blow job is about your pleasure, not hers.

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Why You Should Hire a High Class Brunette

Some men have never been with an escort before, and are thinking of doing it. Others are hesitant, due to the stigma that this profession has in our society. After all, we’ve seen the scandals in the news, where politicians and other prominent individuals have been brought down by call girls. However, these women play an important role in society. They provide sex without the many hurdles and dating rituals which are expected by “normal” women.

Let’s face it, dating is stressful. You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get laid, saying and doing the right things. When a man enters the dating scene, he competes with a bunch of other men for the most desirable women. When a man enters the escort scene, the most desirable brunettes compete for the men who have the most money. Big difference, isn’t it? Escorts don’t have the same crazy demands that normal women have. Few will expect you to have a nice car, big muscles, big house, or the gift of charm and gab, or whatever else women want in men these days. The only thing escorts care about is that you have enough cash for their services, you are STD free and you are clean hygiene wise. That’s it.

When you go on a date with a normal brunette, there is no guarantee you will get laid. With a high class escort, you are guaranteed to get laid so long as you don’t hire one that tries to scam you (most escorts won’t). Finally, escorts are willing to do almost anything for money. As long as it doesn’t involve bodily harm to them, for the right price, you can find brunettes that will do just about anything you want. Normal women may be turned off by your fantasies and may even end their relationship if you ask them to take part in it. Finally, escorts bring variety to your sex life. They come in all shades, colors, and shapes. If you like Brazilian brunettes, you can find them. You can also get Italian brunettes, Russian brunettes, or Slovak ladies. The sky is the limit.