Advanced Foreplay Techniques

Great sex is all about the details, and too many escorts (and their clients) don’t bother to pay attention to them. When an escort meets her client, she usually wants to get to the main event so she can get the session over with and get paid. However, by employing the techniques below, you can transform your escort sessions from mediocre to awe inspiring.

First, make sure you choose the right soaps, shampoos and skin oils. Some of these are more erotic than others, and their scent will prove arousing for both parties. Basil, citrus, or rosemary are the best choices, and will give your body a delightful fragrance that will prove extremely arousing. These oils should be diluted before use. Many escorts and their clients use towels during the session, but how many bother to heat them? Placing the towels in the dryer prior to use is a nice touch which shows you care. Take a nice long bath or shower prior to the start of the session, as this builds relaxation and intimacy.

During the bath, wash each other and pay attention to the areas of their body you wish to fondle. Explore them, and acquire carnal knowledge of each other. The client should allow the escort to scrub his back, massage his shoulders, and make use of body scrubs. During the foreplay process, be sure to compliment the body of your partner, as this will create comfort, relaxation, and confidence, which important for good sex.

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